FAQ & Tech Specs

Q: With other lamps the problem is always with the cable, is this the case with yours as well?
A: That is true, those lamps which are used in a difficult environment have their weakest point with their cables, that is the reason why we paid even more attention to it. The cable does not contain PVC, silicone, LED or halogen, it is oil proof, microba-proof, wear-proof, shielded and is also flexible in low temperature.

Q: That’s awesome, but I’m still concerned, what if it breaks in the middle of the jungle?
A: The batteries and the head of the lamp have jack from the lamp head, so in case you’ve got a cable on you, you can change that with two moves.

Q: How long can I use it?
A: You can read your battery’s status (in %) on the screen. The uptime depends on which setting you are using it on, you can find a diagram of it here

Q: Will I see less when the batteries are going off?
A: No, the lightness is going to stay the same all the time, it is not dependent on the battery’s percent.

Q: I need to check the battery’s status before departure and also in the field, can I do it?
A: Of course. Our opinion is also that you should be able to check a lamp’s battery’s status, how charged it is, and with that usage how long it’s going to last for. This vital as you have to know the battery status because no flaws are allowed in such critical situations. That is the reason why we built an extra quality but ultra-low consumption LCD screen, which can show you all the vital information.

Q: If it hits against something while I’m using it, will it take it?
A: Yes, we know that in a cave, mine, while scuba diving it can happen frequently. That is why we designed every single part of the lamp (from the front part until the battery screen) resistant.

Q: Is it suitable for diving?
A: Yes, it certainly is. We use water free jacks, the body of the lamp and the battery are completely waterproof. For your safety, we test every single lamp with 10 bars of overpressure. Before a 60-meter dive please grease the inside parts of the jacks with silicone grease.

Q: I can see four LED at scattered light, why does it have that many?
A: Because through this we can achieve the high efficiency, that set out before the product development. We could have this performance with only one LED, but then you would have to use it on the maximal capacity which would lead to a worse efficiency. The optimal efficiency is never with the maximal performance of the LED, but much lower. That is how the low consumption but at the same time high working time can be guaranteed.

Q: I’ve checked and found that the LED’s producer’s given a higher lumen value, than what’s shown on the lamp’s data sheet. Why is that?
A: Because the LED itself is capable of it, but it’s with not good efficiency and of course in an ideal temperature range measured in a laboratory in unreal conditions. You also have to count on the loss on the faceplate and lens, because when the light goes through these it always loses a good part of itself.
We are on the opinion that we have to show the real performance of the product, which was measured with authentic instruments, and what the “customer is going to receive” and not the theoretical maximum results.

Q: Is the lamp suitable for photography?
A: Yes. It might be important for photographers that both sources of the light are the same colour temperatures (4000K). While taking a video you can use any image refresh rate, it’s not going to be stripy.

Q: How come it’s not going to get stripy with your lamp?
A: We use a different technical solution. Most lamps control the brightness by quickly switching the LEDs on and off. This cannot be seen by human eyes (in better cases, it disturbs quite many!), but the camera can see it. We use less power to feed the light sources, this is more complex, but better-used and a more efficient solution. For more information please see the article.

Q: How can I put it on my helmet?
A: We supply you with a rubber band, but the lamp can be stick on like a GoPro, so you can pick from many, in shops easily accessible stick on solutions.
In case you want to have the battery on the back of the rubber band you’ll need (the also supplied) the steel part on which you can snap the lamp, in this case you’ll need a short cable. In case you have it in your pocket, you’ll need a long cable. If you prefer, you can put the battery holder, after taking off the rubber band, you can fix it with screws on your helmet.

Dimensions (hwd)  44mm x 59mm x 39.2mm
Weight 100g
IP Rating IP68 -500m
Mounting system GoPro
Waterproof individually tested at 6.5bar
Flood light luminous flux max. 1200 lumen
Spot light luminous flux max. 400 lumen
Flood beam width (FHWM) 105 degree
Spot beam width (FHWM) 7 degree
LED color temperature 4000K
LED Color Rendering Index CRI >80
Voltage 12 - 16.8V
Capacity 3400mAh
USB current (max) 3.0A
Power 48.96 Wh
Weight 290g
Dimensions (hwd) 96mm x 86mm x 25.5mm
IP Rating IP68 -500m
Mounting hole dia 6.0mm
Flood 1 12
Flood 2
Flood 3
Flood 4
Reflector 1
Reflector 2
Flood 0
Flood 1
Flood 2
Flood 3
Flood 4
Reflector 0
90 25 11 5.5
Reflector 1
66 52 22 10 5
Reflector 2
9 8 7 5 3.5





Time 30 min 1 hour 1.5 hour 2 hour

Headlamp Pro Pack User Manual